When you are feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, or unsure of
yourself, that feeling has a way of blocking the real you from
expressing itself. As your coach, my main goal is to support you
in learning to love and accept yourself, so you can transform
those unhappy feelings and live your fullest potential! You will
be guided to move from doubt and unhappiness to a renewed
feeling of hope and possibility for your life.

Living with bipolar disorder or depression means that staying
well requires us to create a lifestyle and positive habits that
can be learned. When we feel at our best, it is because we are
functioning with great self-love.

The Self-Love System for Continued Wellness is a system
that I have developed that acts as a framework for the client
and I as we coach together. It covers many different areas of
living, which are grounded in self-love. The System is not a
linear journey. I work with clients on those particular areas
that they need help with, and we prioritize what needs to be
focused on first, remembering that each person’s path is

S sustaining a spiritual connection
E embracing all your emotions
L learning from your story
F finding forgiveness of others, yourself, & your past

L loving your true self unconditionally
O opening to others with trust
V valuing self-care & self-connection
E embodying your strengths

Strengthening your connection with God/Divine/Universe will
help you to feel empowered and part of a whole. You will learn
the best method for you in order to feel that connection. In
our work together, you will be encouraged to trust in your
higher power and you will trust more in the process of life.

Embracing even the most difficult feelings will allow you to
find the compassion for yourself that is so needed at
challenging times. You will learn to be with your feelings as
they come up in order to allow them to be released. Feelings
are energy and want to keep moving. You will feel more
balanced once you actually feel your feelings.

Learning from your story means you will be able to take a look
at your past with a sense of curiosity and actually see the
lessons that come from it. This will allow for the recognition
that you can learn from your story, but you are not your story.
You will see that even pain has a purpose.

Finding forgiveness is so important in order for you to feel a
sense of freedom. When you hold resentment or unforgiveness
inside, it creates a hold on you that will keep you stuck and
often depressed. You will learn and practice ways you can
forgive others, yourself, and your past.

To love your true self under all conditions is so empowering
and necessary in order to live a balanced and happy life. You
will discover that so many of the challenges that begin the
negative downward spiral stem from not truly loving yourself.
Self-love is healing. You will learn ways to overcome self-
criticism and value who you are at your core and realize that
you are worthy of love and happiness.

Trusting ourselves to another may sometimes be seen as
risky. But once you are grounded in who you are and trusting of
yourself, you will feel more open to others. You will learn
positive communication styles to help you in all your
relationships. And you will learn how to set healthy boundaries
in respect to others.

Self-care is so valuable when seeking to create a peaceful life.
And self-connection, connecting to your higher self/your
is equally
as important if you want to feel more in harmony
with the world. You will learn tools and strategies so you can
nurture yourself and live from your higher self, and you will
feel more confident as a result.

Putting the focus on your gifts, strengths, and positive
qualities is what can bring about a change from negative to
positive self-esteem. Oftentimes we only look at what we are
not good at and where we need to make improvements. But you
were born with beautiful gifts that need to be seen and valued
and put to good use so you can thrive.

If you are ready to move forward in creating new
possibilities for your life, you may apply for a Complimentary
Discovery Session with me.  

Please send an Email to:
linda@embracetheinneryou.com using
the key words “Complimentary Discovery Session” in the
subject line. In your Email, please include your complete
contact information and I will be in touch with you to schedule
an appointment. During our time together, we will explore how
I may serve you as you identify your next steps on the path to
a more fulfilling life.