One of my greatest passions is to encourage you to look
within yourself to discover the uniqueness that is YOU. Truly
loving yourself will bring out the happiness that is inside you,
so you can live a fulfilling life. Being a very self-reflective
and intuitive person who enjoys personal growth work, it is a
natural for me to inspire that in you too. So, I will encourage
you to move forward and grow and learn.

My personal experience with the depression of bipolar
disorder has fueled my passion for helping others to learn to
love and accept themselves for who they are. By using my
innate sense of empathy, compassion, and patience, in
combination with my powerful coaching skills, I will guide you
to emerge from your unhappiness and discover the true
beauty within yourself, so you feel free to create a fulfilling

I have suffered great pain from depression, and also
experienced the unbelievable joys that mania can bring.  I
was 18 years old when I experienced my first episode of
depression. Years later, I was diagnosed with Bipolar
Disorder when I was 35. I feel somehow fortunate to have
been able to experience the total spectrum of feelings that
life can offer. Although while in the midst of depression, it
has been debilitating, I have been able to bounce back from
the pain each time with an improved outlook toward life. I
realize that the pain of depression has been one of my
wisest and best teachers and also one of my greatest gifts.

Although there were many sad, depressive, debilitating
periods throughout my life, I have still been able to
accomplish many wonderful things. I have maintained a
marriage of 27 years to my high school sweetheart, John,
and continue to raise three happy, healthy children. I
graduated with an Education degree and completed some
Masters’ course work in Counseling. Among my many passions,
I have enjoyed the opportunity to experience and share my
love of parent education, teaching, and coaching. Some of my
most fulfilling endeavors came from opening a Waldorf
inspired preschool in a Unity Church, running a program in my
own home and becoming a Certified Coach through the Life
Purpose Institute.

I now work with women who have bipolar disorder who are
tired of just doing okay maintaining their wellness but they
doubt themselves, feel disconnected from their true selves,
are hard on themselves by being critical or by comparing
themselves to others. It is my passion to help these women
discover their one-of-a-kind uniqueness that goes beyond
their diagnosis. It is my purpose to teach these women to
truly love and accept themselves so they can create a life
they love!

I live with my family in Tucson, Arizona, and enjoy my days
writing, coaching, and speaking on Self-Love and the power it
has to transform lives.